Department of Prosthodontics including Crown & Bridge


Department of prosthodontics Crown and Bridge was started in the year August 1985.  Post graduate course  in our department started in the year 1991.  Since then the department is delicate towards achieving below mentioned aim and objectives.

This Department deals with replacement of teeth which are congenitally absent or have been lost due to disease, aging, accidents, etc. This is done by dental Prostheses which not only replicate teeth but also restore the form and function of the missing teeth and their surrounding areas such as lips, cheeks etc. The services offered by this department can replace a single tooth or the entire set by several fixed and removable prostheses.

This department offers Prosthodontics to Under Graduates students in two phases i.e. Pre-clinical Prosthodontics in the first and second year of the BDS course and clinical Prosthodontics in the third and final year of the BDS course. A Masters programme is also offered.

This department is run by a highly efficient and trained faculty and has a pre-clinical lab, UG clinic, PG clinic and also a ceramic and casting laboratory. The latest equipment and gadgetry are also installed to facilitate Dental implantology and Maxillofacial Prostheses which are carried out regularly by the Department.

An intricate system of seminars, workshops and participation in research projects keeps the intellect constantly stimulated. Training is also provided for students undergoing the Dental Mechanics course.



To Present an outstanding roster of dental professionals & specialists by expanding the scope and breadth of academic programs to make them globally competent and remain committed to provide prosthetic treatment to meet the needs of mankind.


  • Restoring orofacial and other missing parts of the body by artificial substitutes.
  • Restoring the function of missing dentofacial structures  by prosthetic rehabilitation.
  • Improving facial  appearance and maintenance of the patients health .
  • Rehabilitation of emotional and psychological health by prosthetic replacement of missing structures.